Sampling of Poems

From Between the Trees (forthcoming):


The Americans

To Have Lived Long Enough to Be Allowed to Return

Between the Trees

From Our Age of Anxiety :

So Many Promises

Pain is Never Done

Mechanics of Action

Reflections at the End

Rebirth & Turn the Key Deftly

Book of Shoulds

Ode to Commitment

Blue Orchid

Blame the French

So Many Machines

On Every Hand a Great Plain

Sins of Omission

I Reached Out to Angels

From god’s breath hovering across the waters:

The Book of Fixed Stars

The Mother’s Song


A Bouquet of Knives

Depraved Cogitation

Dark Matter

Personal Jesus

A Canticle with Dashes of Remorse

The Garden of Earthly Delights

From Praying to the Black Cat:

Imaginary Garden

Creation Myth Number One and What I Called For

Two Poems

From New Messiahs:

The Bicycle Ride

On the Anniversary of Your Death

Three Poems

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